There seem to be two types of writer.

The Bob Dylan type who can write about just about anything very quickly (It used to take Bob 10 minutes to write a song) and the Leonard Cohen type (took him 2 years plus to write Hallelujah).

I am the Leonard Cohen type. It takes me forever to write a play. Because of that I need to be in love with the story I’m trying to tell. I need to be besotted with it.

I have rejected many a great idea because I know I’m not the person to write it. So I guess what I’m saying is ask yourself am I REALLY in love with this idea/story? Can I bring something original and fresh to this subject? Am I the ONLY person who can write this play?   ‘Cause if like me, you’re a Leonard and not a Bob, you’ll need to love it to keep going!

Theatre includes: They Have Oak Trees in North Carolina (Theatre 503), Under the ConcreteWaiting (NTStudio).


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